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The people behind Columbus Relief:

Our faith inspires us to a team built on community. Each of us bring spiritual gifts that reflects God’s unconditional love. We invite you to partner with us and see how your gift of presences can impact lives as well as being blessed with the opportunity to serve others. We want to draw people toward Christ as the ultimate provider of their needs, and guide them in transforming their lives as well as the people around them. We want to use the gifts and talents God has provided us with, as well as the resources that already exist in order to do that. We want to use our mobile relief bus to connect us to the people that have needs, and connect them to organizations and people who have the resources to meet those needs.

As an organization, we want to be strong in being able to provide hospitality with grace, and do it in a dignified manner. We want to be financially responsible and generous at the same time. We want to offer training and job resources. We want to tear down walls that have traditionally held back The Church from being able to work together in service to transform the world. We want to be able to maximize our footprint locally and regionally as we try to help those that find themselves in need. We seek to ‘raise up’ people who catch this vision and wish to take it with them, as our experience is meant to be shared. Above all, we want to point people to God.


We believe that our success will be determined not by our own abilities, but by The Power that transforms all of us, and allows us to see real change in communities throughout the Columbus Area. We believe that if we stay an organization that values the ability to serve others to empower them to serve others we will accomplish our mission.


We have chosen to be a 501c3 Non-profit Organization as we use the funds we are given in service of the community we are looking to transform. Our staff raises their own support with some administrative support from the organization.



Keith Krause:

PS-A Recovery Coach

Don Savinsky:

Evangelism Outreach Leader

Roni McCurdy:

SOAR Case Manager & Donation Coordinator

Alex Fuller:

Outreach Leader

Shelly Fuller:

Assistant Director

Brittaney Wilson:

Development & Partnership Director

Amy Ramsey:

CEO/Executive Director

Marisa Sbrana:

Administrative Assistant

Gracie White:

Licensed Social Worker and Community Liaison

CJ Conley, Director

Abbie Funk:

Building Manager

CJ Conley:


Bobbi Kinker Director of Red Barn Projec
Chad Kitchen, Outreach Director

Bobbi Kinker:

Director of Red Barn Project

Chad Kitchen:
Outreach Director



Larry Hunt: Member

Greg Kirkendall: Member, Business Owner

William Fuller: Treasurer

Amy Ramsey: President

Kyle Parker: Vice President